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I know what you're thinking "We already have root, why do we want and/or need this?". Well, if you followed the root thread, you would have seen that the package posted was built off of two images. There was the early firmware posting that it was first made from, then a system pull in a rar archive that was used to put the root package on the latest firmware. In the processes, there were issues with permissions and other items missing. The people involved did a great job with what they had, but I don't like hacked up solutions to problems.

So, to fix that, I had a stock system.img for the release firmware. This allowed me to build a fully stock root package with no missing files or incorrect permissions. While it took some time to get this tested and verified working without having the device, I was able to get it. Thanks goes to Adrynalyne, Mibix, and AstainHellBring (and anyone else) from IRC for testing several packages (Freenode, #galaxy-note-2). This is only the start of things to come, and I plan on slowly working on a ROM based on this then. I also made a deodexed version of the same package. Download and flash that if you wish, but it was more to verify that nothing broke in the deodexing process and to get a working base for a custom ROM.

Stock Rooted Image
Mirror 1
Mirror 2

Deodexed Stock Rooted Image
Mirror 1
Mirror 2

  1. Download one of the above packages for flashing.
  2. Extract the file (7zip works to extract).
  3. Open Odin (download that elsewhere), and put the extracted tar.md5 in the PDA spot
  4. (Re)Boot your phone into download mode and plug it in to your computer
  5. With it recognized in Odin, press start
  6. Once the phone boots up, all should be well. If you notice issues, boot into recovery and wipe data and this should fix the problems.
  7. If you still have issues after wiping the /data and performing a factory reset, please post here.
How do I unlock Bootloader after rooting?
NOTE: I am not responsible for any ill effects caused to you, your loved ones, you phone, or anything else as a result of flashing this. Do so at your own risk as I won't be held responsible.
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