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Can someone explain what rooting does to my phone?

How are the files and maps and the rom changed so apps can see that the phone is rooted?

I have a tablet and some apps say "device is rooted" and can't work, other apps say "device is not rooted" and can't work, so, why some apps see different things than other apps.

Tried every possible method i could find on the internet to root or unroot my device, but can't get acces to it, not even with adb although the tablet connected to my pc shows in explorer.

Su is not installed and its also impossible to install.

The tablet is a lenovo 2108 and android version =4.1.1

There is a'n app to upgrade = OWL V1.0 but i can't acces the server, gives always message "server busy".

Kernel = 3.4.0+ [email protected]#141Build full_gs702a-userdebug 4.1.1_v4 JRC003c.

Vendor does not answer on my mails.

Help or explanation would be very nice.

Best regards


[email protected]
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