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First of all if you have a 3.1 version now unrooted you will have to revert back to 3.01. One of the links explains how to do this.

You may have to copy and paste the links as i originally posted this in XDA, So both links are provided (just the address and weblinked) in case the weblink does not work.

So.... This is what I found when rooting my Xformer--

1st ...I am not a rookie but I wanted the rooting to go without a hitch. So I read most of what was out there and choose what I thought would be best for me as far as the method for rooting.

So, I picked Apache's posting of how to root since I had a 4-24-11 build 3.0.1 I did not have to revert back, just needed to root the device and update

This is the posting:

Where to get the root packages---

2nd I would recommend watching the video by Ayman019

Ayman019--- Root video

This is a great play by play

Finally, I love Supercurio's work it is very bugfree so I downloaded his updated rom 3.1 updated...... etc here:

Supercurio's rooted rom---

And his repacker if you want to have the tool that did the above ---

I Pushed all the files through SDK/ADB. All went great until I tried to push superuser. At first, it would not recognize, so another xda member mentioned that sometime the remount is not seen, so I tried remounting 1st time, nothing ... the second time it worked

Awesome I am Rooted but ....... nothing could see the superuser, it would not allow anything access to superuser, so I downloaded Busybox and loaded it as well, still nothing.

Then I thought since I have superuser I should have recovery too. So, I proceeded to load Supercurio's rom on the sd card and then, manually went into recovery.....

Flashed the rom in recovery, rebooted....Voila' rooted, 3.1 and Good to go......

The point of this thread is remind people, that not all units react exactly the same, usually in adb everything works pretty much the same, but as you can see, not always.

So, moral of the story, the tools are here in XDA and the devs and other members have written great how to's and provide great advice, I thank All of them for sharing their knowledge.

BTW the Transformer is an AWESOME device and rooted you can really make it operate amazingly ..........

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Tried this way a few times and wouldn't work so I did it the nvflash way, much easier since I could just install Prime and recovery in one shot.
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