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My new Dell Streak 7 came in today. Now that I have my DS7, I'm not keeping this crappy software on here any longer and I'm going to get this thing rooted (so I can install Honeycomb later). I have the T-Mobile-branded 4G version. However, I never plan on using the 4G part of it - I simply want Wifi only.

If you do not know how to use ADB, please DO NOT follow these steps! You are only asking for a LOT of trouble! Instead, you should download this application and be distracted by it.

If you continue, you will probably break your Tablet. You should ignore the rest of this post and NOT follow the steps I did.

Okay, so after receiving my DS7, I did these things to attain Root. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a guide with the manual steps although I didn't look that hard as I've done the "manual way" plenty of times on other devices in the past.

  1. Perform a Factory Reset
  2. Buy a 16GB class 10 SDHC card (I suspect 1GB is sufficient but would recommend at least 8GB)
  3. Format the SD Card via the Tablet
  4. Mount the SD Card
  5. Enable USB Debugging
  6. Charge the battery to full
  7. Download Gingerbreak
  8. Run Gingerbreak
  9. 30 seconds later, the DS7 was rebooting with Root enabled!

Simple as that!

Will this work for ALL Dell Streak 7 tablets?
I don't have a clue. I've only had one for about 4 hours (hands on it for about 30 minutes) and that's about all I know. Sorry.

I have another question....
Sorry but at this time, I probably can't answer it. I STRONGLY encourage you to research what you want to do and to be comfortable with ADB before you try to hack your DS7, though. :)

teh Jax
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lrs421 said:
Does gingerbreak allow simple unrooting as well?

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In theory, yes. The button is there to do it. And I've read others say it works fine. Personally, I've never done it before, though.

There are guides for getting back to stock floating around out there. I will try to flush some of these processes out myself and write them up for others. In the mean time, here's a "revert to stock" tutorial for the TMo version.
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