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RootzWiki Podcast?

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I have been in radio for for 12 years as on-air talent and have been a production director for 10. I am wondering if anyone is interested in a RootzWiki podcast? The content would obviously be Android and tech-based with discussion on current ROMs, devices and relevant forum posts. I am simply in the idea stages with this and am wondering what the community would like to see or if its even something that would be listened to. I envision interviews with devs, reviews of ROM builds, breaking news etc. I see this almost running like a morning show on your typical top 40 station without the teenie-pop music and goofy callers. There COULD be giveaways, maybe some RootzWiki swag etc. So yea, let me know what your thoughts are. I'd love some feedback and other ideas. If this is to happen I would need the blessing of the site admins as well as the membership. Thanks for your consideration.
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I actually think you are dead on what I'd be interested in hearing in a podcast if Rootz decided to do one! Great idea!
Good to see there is some interest. I'm going to give this thread a little more time to see if any others want to chime in. Otherwise I'll begin imaging some audio for a trial podcast.
Im also interested in this, shoot me an email :)
I would love for this to happen! Is there anything I can do to help? Shoot me a PM

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I would love to see this happen.

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Sounds promising.
Good idea! I would subscribe, and auto download it with Beyond Pod.

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I'll bite. The key us content. If you can get content that will be interesting and offer something you can't get from blogs, news sites, or forums, then it should be a good success.

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"modisch said:
I'll bite. The key us content. If you can get content that will be interesting
What could be more interesting than android development? I would definitely listen.
Yes! I would love to listen or help.

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LOL, maybe google and or android could come up with a better way of making podcasts. so we son't have to deal with apple.
It would be nice if there were another android podcast or two that were available on listen.
I would listen to the podcast. I think it's a great idea, would be nice to have a decent server for downloading and streaming.
Let's get it up and running. :grin3:
I'm also for this idea. Wouldn't mind to actually have something streaming into my conscience as I work. Might even learn a thing or two to boot!
Do you guys listen to All About Android?
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YES! This is a great idea. I've been wanting to start a podcast myself but I have very little experience and you have tons of experience. I could see this being very successful. There's aren't a ton of android specific podcasts there's like maybe 5 that I know of. So this would be quite interesting. If any help is needed ill be down to help just pm me. Getting a good radio crew for personalities etc would be great. Maybe something like a featured dev of the month and have them talk about what they're doing and all that. :)
That would be great would subscribe and listen
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