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RootzWiki specific

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I made an Rather than me explaining, here's a picture.

I think it looks pretty freakin dope. I only have my name and twitter in there for when I release stuff. Feel free to edit it to your liking.

Download v1:

Download v2: Reflects the new motto
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kanged for your own good lol, it looks good man
Clever. I tell a little story in mine, about little Timmy, who didn't wipe his data partition before flashing...

Not released it yet, but I really wish we could show flash videos there (the "posting and you" video mainly), while showing my text parody about the boy who didn't wipe his data partition before installing, then looked stupid...
Jonathon Grigg said:
Looks sweet, I may use that in my ROM if you don't mind!
Feel free man. Glad you like it!
Gonna add this to our updater-script! Thanks!
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Very nice

Sent from my DROIDX
Updated to reflect the new motto
Nice one man, if i didn't has my own i'd use this :D
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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