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In order to make this section work, we need to be as organized as possible. Here's a couple thread title guidelines to assist in that endeavor. You can use multiple tags before post within one bracket. Example: [FREE | APK]

Title Tag When should I use this?

[APK] If your icon pack is distributed as an apk (not needed if using Play tag).

[ZIP] If your icon pack is distributed as an archive.

[FREE] Only if you offer the entire set for no charge.

[DEMO] If you have an apk or zip of the icons for users to sample.

[GIFT] If you are giving away a full copy without limits.

[PLAY] If your icon pack is available on Google Play.

[FEEDBACK] If you are trying to get feedback on an idea, use this tag.

Please try to follow these guidelines so that we can offer an easy to browse forum that allows specific types of content to be discernable at a glance. Thanks for your cooperation!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts