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This is not a "hey devs you are slacking here" thread. I'm simply making a list for me and other if it helps to track and not forget previous features/current bugs. I'm running a build from 2/1 but not the nightly (which means i have ribbons) on my Nexus 5 (hammerhead). Things I've noticed are:

  • No settings in Navigation Buttons menu of Rom Control

  • Text in Ribbon Items

  • Longswipe and Longpress on Ribbon setup set to Custom Shortcut don't allow you to choose the shortcut

  • Ribbon disappears when keyboard is active (which i know people probably prefer, but i don't. I have a nice setup in 4.3 ribbons, but it looks like this is the way it is in 4.4 ribbons)

  • Navigation buttons are not spread out when adding more, there is buffer on the right and left that makes the buttons compress in the middle and be quite crowded.

  • Even though I signed in with my google account, it will not let me set any account as my device backup account in Settings->Backup/Restore. That middle cell does not contain an email and is greyed out, not letting me choose one. Nothing was restored when I first flashed. The play store and everything else works, but that connection to the backup/restore google servers is not working.

Oh man i love the new Rom Control. it's so nice.
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