A mere week after a root access was achieved for the Verizon HTC One M8, well-known developer beaups tweeted a screenshot proving that he had achieved S-off for the phone. As you may know, Verizon is notorious for locking down the bootloaders of its flagship devices and even blocking the official unlock methods offered by manufacturers. They claim they do this to "preserve the quality of their network" but it remains a mystery how an unlocked device poses more of a threat to Verizon's network than, say, a device with grandfathered unlimited data.

and on the 10th day, there was s-off, and it was good..... pic.twitter.com/3h75NnAsIZ

- fire water (@firewaterdevs) April 5, 2014
S-OffIn any event, beaups found a way to achieve S-off and unofficial bootloader unlock, which will soon be available to those of you who don't want the carrier to dictate how you use your own phone (don't ask for an ETA). Once the S-off method is published, developers should soon publish custom recoveries such as ClockworkMod and TWRP. In fact, TeamWin already published a build of TWRP recovery for the Sprint variant.

Once again I would like to remind you that neither beaups, RootzWiki nor myself are responsible for any damage caused to your device by applying the S-off method once it has been released to the public. You do so at your own risk and void your warranty in the process. If you want S-off for your phone it would be wise not to install any OTA updates from Verizon before or after gaining it.

We'll let you know when the S-off method is ready for public consumption (once it has been refined and tested adequately).