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Now that we finally have S-Off, it's time to remove the apps on here that are just taking up space.
You need root access. Not temp-root, permanent root.

This is just a list of apps I have successfully removed. There might be others you want to remove but I have only tested these, and so far I have had zero issues.

I suggest using a File Explorer app WITH ROOT of your choice.

In the attached list you will see /data/data/com.nuance.nmc.sihome highlighted in red.
After removing this one I kept getting continuous force closes, but a quick battery pull stopped them.
Try removing this first, then continuing.

The only force close I got was from this. If it happens to you just pull battery and resume where you left off.



1. Download File Explorer of your choice. It must have root though.
2. Navigate to each file listed on the attached sheet.
3. Delete each listed file.
4. Reboot when done.
5. Celebrate.

You'll notice some of the apps have ODEX files, delete these as well.


This is kind of a tedious process, but when your done, the bloat will be gone.

Hope you find this helpful as I did.
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