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hey guys, first of all, this is my first Topic so sorry if I posted it in the wrong section or annything else. also i'm dutch and only 17 years old, so excuse my if my english is bad somtimes.

There are a lot of people searching the internet for modded apk's or custom roms or stuf for the galaxy y pro, and it seems like there are none so far. I am also one of those people, and i wanted to edit some things in the mms.apk realy bad, but i couldn't find annything on internet. so I started to trying to mod it a bit myself.

Now, what I have done (and tested, works) is changing the stock smileys to other smileys,
the type codes are the ones from blackberry, the green android emoticons are also replaced with yellow normal ones who look like the blackberry ones
list of icons (without space between the things) --> : ) : ( ; ) : - p = D : * : O B - ) : $ : s < 3 O : ) : > : ' ( ( { } ) : D > : O
you could google these for blackberry if you want to see how they look like

It also drived me mad that my sms converted to a mms if it became to long, so thats somthing I also changed, now it only converts after 100 sms length or so but I don't think to type so long sms

I wanted to get helped myself and there wa nothing on the internet, so now I have it done it would be stupid of me if I didn't help others myself.

prive mesage my for the apk please, i can only upload 300k ....

One last thing, maybe others with experience could change some other thing like theme the apk or make it that we see the sender time instead of receiver time or such :)
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