At February's Mobile World Congress, Samsung unveiled what they are calling HomeSync and at the time I questioned whether a $300 connected set-top box would appeal to folks with a ton of competitors out there on the cheap. It turns out Samsung has put together a fairly interesting box that is packed with features, making a compelling argument for folks to drop that cash like it's hot. The box should go a long way to silence rumors of Samsung trying to escape Android's intense gravity as well. It actually runs Android 4.3.

Like most connected set top boxes it exists to provide you with a ton of entertainment, but this box does a few more things that are worthy of note. It behaves like a home server with 1TB (Terabyte) of internal storage. Videos, photos and etc can be instantaneously uploaded from your mobile devices into that internal storage for viewing on your TV. To make this a very simple process the device includes an NFC tag. Touching your smartphone or other NFC-enabled device to the top of the box allows you to connect to the box quickly. For those using Samsung devices already this will have the most appeal but if even if you don't the box supports a number of other devices as well.

Your smartphone can also control the device using the Samsung HomeSync app. It functions like a remote control that will be very familiar to users of the Samsung Watch On App, and also has a mirroring feature that places the UI on your device's screen and allows for control of the user interface with almost zero latency. It's actually rather impressive. The Samsung HomeSync app also allows you to access the 1 terabyte of internal storage from your phone or tablet without actually having to keep the files on your device. Of course you can arrange and secure folders via the app as well.

The UI will be instantly familiar to users of Android (especially TouchWiz) and there is almost zero learning curve. Essentially, it's full-on Android Jellybean with a slightly modified user experience for the big screen. Check out Samsung's latest tutorial video for HomeSync below. I'm still not sure if this is going to sell well at that price tag, but it is a good sign for the future of Android on the big screen. What do you think?