Samsung has uploaded an official hands-on video demonstrating some features of the Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy Gear. After watching that video, I now want a Note 3 and a Galaxy Gear. As bloated as Touchwiz is, there's no denying the cool factor of features it brings to the table. The Note 2 was a success due to its S-Pen and its gimmicky, yet productive feature-rich tools it brought on-board. As you would expect, the successor would be a step-up, while also being a hardware beast.

Look and Feel:

The body of the Note 3 is slimmer and lighter, but packs a bigger screen at 5.7-inch with a resolution of 1920x1080p and is a Super Amoled HD Display. The back has a soft touch feel with nice stitching wrapping around the cover. There will be multiple color options, including classic white and jet black.


In this version of Touchwiz, they introduce "Air Command" where you can access 5 new options. You just hover the screen and click the pen's button and it pops out the options.

The new options:
  • Action Memo
  • Scrapbooker
  • Screen Write
  • S-Finder
  • Pen Window
Action Memo:

Action Memo gives you the ability to write a quick memo from any screen at any time. When not in use, the memo drops down to an icon, which also hovers over any screen that you're on. From here, you can write down a memo, and share it to a few apps. In the demo, she saves the name and number to her contacts name. You can call, save to contacts, message, e-mail, search web, look up address on maps, and send to a to-do list. This looks to be a really useful feature.


Here, you can save information from a page by marking the area of information you want saved. To do this, simply draw a circle over the information you want to keep and chose where you want to keep it. You can have multiple scrapbook categories here.

You can also save YouTube videos by using the same marking command and have the ability to add a memo to that video. In the scrapbook app, you're allowed to play the video directly in there, instead of it having to direct you to the YouTube app.

Easy Clip:

This is almost like the scrapbook feature, but it crops our exactly what you want clipped. These clips can be placed in a scrapbook category.


It's pretty much a search command that lets you search anything on your Note 3. This can range from videos, pictures, documents. It also lets you narrow down search results by keywords or by dates. If you search a setting, you can toggle the setting directly from the S-Finder app.

New S-Note:

The new S-Note is updated and gives you a new UI to search and edit your notes. You also has the Easy Chart feature, which lets you edit different charts. It lets you create charts using the S-Pen and also syncs with Evernote.

New Multi-Window:

The larger screen really helps out with this feature. Here, you can drag and drop content from one page to the other. Example: a picture from the web on the bottom window, and place it to the top window, which is the messaging app.

Pen Window:

Here you draw a window on any screen and it lets you open up certain apps. In the demo, she opens up an email with numbers and then proceeds to open up a window housing the calculator making for some quick calculations.

Galaxy Gear:

This is a smart watch that has a camera and speaker and connects by Bluetooth to your Galaxy device. It has a 1.63-inch Super AMOLED display and the watch face, to which app order you want are all up to you. There's an app (Gear Manager) that you run from your Galaxy device and let's you change the Gear to your liking. Change is done instantly. We wrote a spec piece which can be read here.

All your messages are routed to your Galaxy Gear from your Galaxy Device and can be seen at which ever device you want to. It also lets you take calls and and make calls, while also letting you switch to your device and vice-versa all while being a touch-less experience. The Memographer feature allows you to take a picture and/or video from the camera on the Gear and it sends it to your Galaxy device's gallery. After having an S4 for a week, and returning it, the small amount of time I spent with Touchwiz wasn't a memorable time. I didn't like it, at all. But, looking at the Note 3 and the Galaxy Gear, it makes me take a second look now. Samsung is doing big things and they were in front of the everyone before, now it looks like they've taken another big leap.