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Hi @SamsungJohn, Samsung Spica i5700 is a beast of a phone and considering the fact that it was one of the first Android's from Samsung we understand the bugs it has (or had in some cases).

The phone was not updated after 2.1 update officially, we understand the effort which goes into that.

Here is what we have done to this phone at samdroid forums:-
  • Enable Multitouch
  • ported CyanogenMod 6
  • ported CyanogenMod 7

Here is what we need from you :-

The RFS source - we are in the process of porting the latest 2.6.38 kernel, we have ported the 2.6.32 kernel but experiencing sleep of death on Gingerbread.

We are also writing 2d and 3d drivers for the gles6410.

We would also like to know if it is possible to enable the radio on the BCM4325 on this phone, if yes we would need your help.

All I am asking for is help and nothing else. We are a great community with some great devs, not forcing you just asking for help.

Even if the answer to all the above requests is a NO, please do answer.

Thanks a lot.

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We almost have everything ported to better sources now except the ril library for spica. That is the only thing which is seriously holding us back. Maybe you don't normally release your sources but after all spica is an old phone and what harm would it do releasing them?
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