With IFA just around the corner, we're going to start seeing some more information about the Galaxy Note 4. Samsung has just released a quick teaser video highlighting the importance of handwriting, and how there's a shift away from that. However, Samsung makes clear that with the introduction of their Galaxy Note series, handwriting isn't gone and in fact, it's still alive and well.

Samsung's teaser video shows a bunch of people writing in different ways, such as in the sand and with a quill and on paper. It then mentions the original Galaxy Note and shows people using it in class to take notes, and to teach a child how to spell. The next frame shows the month September and the number three circled on a calendar. Then you see "Ready to note?" followed by "9/3/14". As usual, we can expect the Galaxy Note 4 to have a stylus and larger screen, but the teaser doesn't show off the specs at all. We've also been hearing some rumors of a "side touch" technology that allows the user to touch an area of the phone to snap a picture, no hardware button needed.

Previous leaks have alleged the following specs for the Galaxy Note 4:

  • Snapdragon 805/Exynos 5433
  • 2560x144o QHD display
  • 16MP rear camera

IFA starts on September 5th, but Samsung's press event is scheduled for September 3rd. It looks like we'll be kicking off IFA with a Samsung announcement and then we'll dive right into the rest of the fun.

Take a peek at the official Samsung teaser below.

h/t: Android Central