Next week just before IFA, the Galaxy Note 4 will be unveiled. Over the past few days, some rumors have been released that the Galaxy Note 4 will include the same fingerprint scanner that was included in the company's last flagship, the Galaxy S5. The Note 4, however, is also rumored to introduce some new functions within the fingerprint scanner. Eventually, these features might be included as a software update for the Galaxy S5. According to a report by SamMobile, there are at least two features that they know of in this expansion of the fingerprint scanner.

The first one is being able to control which app you want to open when you swipe the scanner, i.e., program the music app to open when you swipe your thumb. Not only will this feature be able to unlock your phone, it will save you the time it takes to get into your phone and find the app you want to use (in this case the Music app, or any app that you choose).

The second feature is using the fingerprint as a password in order to log into certain websites. With this feature, you will be able to login into sites such as Gmail, Forums, Amazon, and others with just a swipe of your finger. These features will progress the use of the fingerprint scanner and make it more of a vital tool in the phone instead of just a handy gimmick. The Galaxy S5 already features the ability to use your finger to sign into Paypal, so this rumor of other apps using the scanner makes plenty of sense.

What do you think of these rumors in the Galaxy Note 4? Will you be purchasing one?

Sources: Android Central, SamMobile