For many icon pack connoisseurs Stealthychief has become a household name. He's well-known for icon packs such as Viper, Stealth, Axis, Vibe and Pulse, just to name a few. His icon packs are also popular for their weekly updates, often enough that it's unlikely that any popular app icons are left out. The latest icon pack to join Stealthychief's roster is Aloha, a concept intended to bring to the mind images of a Hawaiian summer paradise.

aloha icon up closeThe icons themselves look almost as if they're cut out of construction paper, one circle cut out for each base and one shape cut out for each glyph. The glyph "cutout" looks like it's placed just far enough over the base to cast a shadow over it. In fact, it resembles what we've seen of Google's Material Design concept, though this icon pack was started well before Google's new design guidelines were unveiled at I/O. Unthemed app icons simply feature the default glyph flat within the base with no shadow.

The Aloha app is standard fare for the modern launcher theme, with BigDX credited for the app design (as many of the latest icon pack apps are). It includes the usual "Home", "Apply", "Wallpapers", "Icons", "Rate Theme", "More Themes" and "Contact" options in the left slide-out drawer. There are over 1650 icons already themed, with updates every Friday. Also included are Muzei support, dynamic calendar support and compatibility with all the latest launchers the cool kids are using.

The icon request tool is accessed via the overflow menu, and it automatically picks your unthemed apps from which to choose the ones you want themed. You simply swipe away the apps you wish to omit from your request (please go ahead and swipe those away so the process will be streamlined and the apps you really want themed will be more likely included in one of the next weekly updates). If you swiped one away by accident, the app gives you an "undo" prompt if you catch your mistake quickly enough.

Of course, the cloud-stored wallpapers included in the app are full HD for today's 1080p displays, though I often prefer to pick my own wallpaper. For the gallery below I simply stuck with one of Stealthychief's wallpapers that particularly appealed to me.

Aloha is available for $1.99 in the Play Store

Aloha is available for $1.99 in the Play Store​

You can follow Will Windham (Stealthychief)'s latest projects from his G+ page and his G+ community.