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Nd is wrong! Ok no no she ain't.... don't think she ever has been... kinda scary....

All joking aside I agree with what was advised. I never sbf with windows except when trying to prove a pointbto big red (windows sbf makes you have to reactivate usually.... which pings their network... which shows you ddid master reset.... which bypasses all their BS "did you turn it on?" Type tech support lol). The Linux method is the easiest/cleanest/ most error free method IMO. As for the aio they are well made....but tbh I never use them.

For one other side of the coin, I'd suggest the Linux method again (like nd said) and bootable DVD will work fine (push comes to shove live CD of Ubuntu and dl files, I have two distros of Linux on my box so haven't used either but don't see why a DVD wouldn't work) Then when on froyo take the Verizon ota to .602. Once on the ota then root it (I do manually tho I think I read there is a one click method) then install the gb cm4dx as per instructions. But like nd said .... either way works ... my guess is a bad dl of the SBf file or it somehow got corrupted and needs to be re-dl'ed.

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