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Scratched Screen, Will This Fix?

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I scratched my screen, and was thinking about trying to replace it.

Will this fix?
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miketoasty said:
I would say buy this (The Ultra Fine):

I had a scratch on my screen and with this covering it no matter how hard I try I cannot tell it's there. Also, it further protects your screen. Also, its cheaper.
+1 on that too. I do repairs on screens and dread having to do one on an HTC device. The adhesive they use almost always has to be completely removed from the frame, and when you add new adhesive to put the new screen on it hardly ever works like you want it to. The only way I would recommend you to go with a new screen would be to pay a few extra bucks and find a sceen that includes the front face already attached.

If you decide to do that, look up gadgetFix on ebay.

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1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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