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Having a problem with my Dinc screen. The screen colors will suddenly change and look like some retro camera view. At first I noticed it when my batter got low the other day. Now, it's been doing it at random, everyday, no matter the battery life.

Today, it did it and I pushed down on the battery or back of the phone and it stopped. I released the back, and it went back. So I'm thinking its a connectivity issue with the batter and the 4 prongs in the back... if that makes any sense.

I've checked all the connections and there's nothing broken or corroded.

Has anyone had a similar problem or have any recommendations?

I would like to replace it but am waiting for the GNex. Was thinking I could get Verizon to send me a replacement, then get the GNex when it comes out and sell the replacement.

Thanks in advance.

P.S. - Tried to post a screen shot of the regular screen and the messed up screen colors, but the screen shot is normal, even thought what I'm seeing is 'psychedelic' colors.
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