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First of all, I do not own this! It was created by zeppelinrox of XDA. All credit and/or donations go to him. The link to his original thread where this file is found per his distribution requirements is here: V6 SuperCharger.

Now that the legalities are out of the way, I would like to introduce everyone to the V6 SuperCharger script.

What does it do??

It makes your phone FAST... super snappy with better multitasking!

It rearranges and fixes the OOM Groupings and Priorites and lowmemorykiller values.


It's the ONLY one of it's kind.

NO LAUNCHER REDRAWS, faster than ever, multitasking is better...


Because it works with the lowmemorykiller and letting it work the way it's meant to work.

Also, because of the rearrangement, it works the same on all roms.

This Script works on all Android devices! - Custom Roms or Stock Roms, Phones or Tablets, it doesn't matter!

Nothing else does what The V6 SuperCharger does.
................Not AutoKiller Memory Optimizer, Not Auto Memory Manager, Not Minfree Manager...
................And NOTHING BEATS IT. PERIOD.

So... if somebody says to you that V6 SuperCharger does the same thing as [pick any app], tell them to first read about what they're talking about so that they can actually have an informed opinion.

Before you start reading, just know that this is not difficult to implement... it's easy. basically:
1. Download the script
2. Install BusyBox
3. Install Script Manager (config. to browse as Root in Config)
4. Load script into Script Manager (config. to Run As Root)
5. Follow instructions/user prompts & select what you want

I noticeably stay above 200mb or free available memory at all times using this script.

Here is the detailed instructions I made for installing this V6 SuperCharger Script:

The V6 SuperCharger script is actually a lot easier to use than it is made out be.
Basically, go to the app market and download Script Manager (free).

Now download the V6 SuperCharger script. Here is a link to the v6 script I use which is pulling directly from the creator's most recent updates page: V6 Supercharger

Once you have it downloaded, make sure it is on your sd card. I usually just place it on the root of the card (no folders).

MAKE SURE you are only using BusyBox v1.18.2 or lower. Easy way to check this is if you have Titanium Backup as it will show on the launch screen. If you don't have Titanium Backup go ahead and download BusyBox Installer from the app market.

Once you launch BusyBox Installer it will tell you whether or not your device is rooted, tell you where your BusyBox is located, and tell you what version you are currently running.

At the very top, tap the BusyBox field under "Select Busybox Version" and then tap 1.18.2. Now scroll to the bottom of the page and tap "Install". The whole process takes about 24 seconds or so.

Now your new status should reflect the newly installed Busybox Version.

go ahead and open script manager now
It may or may not prompt for Superuser rights yet. Tap menu, more, advanced options, then make sure "Browse as root" is selected. Now back out once, and scroll down your card directory until you find the v6 script and select it. Go ahead and tap "Run' in the top left corner.

Now you're running the script. It will tell you about using the proper busybox blah blah. tap on the screen to pull up the soft keyboard and select your scrolling speed from fast to slow (I usually just select 2). Use your keyboard's enter key to make your selection.

This script does not like your Home screen being locked in memory (which is an option available in CM7 located: Menu, Settings, CYanogenmod Settings, Performance, Lock Home in Memory.). If you're currently using the lock home in memory, go ahead and turn it off then come back to this script.

Now, here are your many memory options! I use option 9.. Just a personal preference. Whichever memory option you decide to go with, bring up the soft keyboard, tap in the number option associated with what you want, and tap enter.

It will go through kind of a long scroll and tell you what your stats were before, then what they are now. After this process has completed, you need to reboot. This can be done in script manager by now selecting option 16.

As it states, there is no warning. *poof!* and you're rebooting.

You're done! I hope this wasn't too complicated. A visual tutorial is also available here: Visual Tutorial

Enjoy! It really does what it says.


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Don't mean to hijack the thread, but I see Neo hasn't updated the links yet, here's the direct link to the XDA-Developers forum for the V6 Supercharger script...
Thanks! going to fix the op. I don't know what happened.. Please note that if you followed techferret's link it directs you to Zeps O.P. on XDA which is out-dated. He lists within the o.p. a link to the most recent files.

EDIT: FIXED. The link now in the O.P. automatically downloads the latest script available from Zep's "recent Updates" post buried within the thread.

Let me know how this works for you guys!

EDIT EDIT: Fixed the font.. It was default to black so anyone using a dark theme would not be able to see any fonts. Fixed now

The Source
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I started using this when i had my DX. it's a great script, 3g turbo charger is also worth checking out. there's a thread in the dx2 developer forum here.
Thanks I actually noticed it when setting this thread up.. Saw it in the most recent updates. Is it good?
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