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Ok, for everyone trying to use the "Search Key" as "ICS Recent Apps" on AOKP M5, I found a work around that will enable it without having to change the script or any of that hard stuff. I an going to explain it step by step, since it took me FOREVER to learn these things because ppl. assumed I knew as much as they did.

Anyways, I enabled it on a wiped clean copy of AOKP M5 so I don't know if you need to re-install it or if it will work currently how you have it (wont hurt to try), but anyways make a Nandroid backup before anything.... duhh!

1. Download AOKP Build 33 Search Key To Recent Apps Here:

Original thread here: http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1567177

I know, I know it says its for build 33, but trust me it works on AOKP M5 after I show you how.

2. Install AOKP M5 if you haven't done so from here: If you have just skip this step.

3. Go to System Settings> ROM Control> Navigation Bar, and check on Enable Bar. You will get a prompt message to Reboot, choose REBOOT LATER. (Make sure the "" is already on your phones SD Card.

4. Hold the power button and Reboot into Recovery.

5. From there "wipe cache partition" and after you done so, under "advanced" click on "wipe dalvik cache" (Trust me I know what im doing)

6. After you have done that flash the "" and reboot back into ICS.

7. After boot-up you will immediately notice you have the Nexus Galaxy bar at the bottom of the screen, if you want to keep it good, and if not go back into System Settings> ROM Control> Navigation Bar, and UN-check on Enable Bar (the bar should hide but just re-boot to make sure).

Either way, the moment you press the Search Key all the "Recent Apps" should now show.

NOTE: You should still be able to hold the home button and do the same, but if you do not want to have it for the home key go to System Settings> ROM Control> Genera UI and under "Long Press Home Action choose "do nothing"

Anyways, wah-lah! There you go a feature that SHOULD have already been part of AOKP and HUNDREDS of other ICS Roms... but anyways, you'r welcomed!

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Confirmed working. Why does build 33 version work and not build 34? Just curious. I also like this mod a lot because the response time to show the recent apps is very much faster.

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