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edit: v2 fixes my dumb rosie image mistake :_con:

(since there is no inc2 theme subforum i dropped this here)

Hey guys. There is a lot to like about the slate skin for sense 2.1...but...the awful aqua (reminds me of eclair tw) colors for pressed images and other system ones are just hideous.

so I took the matte blue color images from metal.apk and put them into slate, as well as redid a few images that couldn't be ported over as they wouldn't fit the theme (mainly rosie ones). I made some edits to colors.xml to finish off a few things and edited the manifest and strings so it won't overwrite the og slate.apk

no root needed (and i dont have root so this is all i could do atm :eek:)...just drop on your sdcard and install with w/e package installer you have.


i didnt bother ss it as you *should* get the idea
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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