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ericerk said:
Fair enough, i really didn't want it to be that difficult :/
I've owned several motos, several windowz mobiles and three blackberries and I must say I find the vibrant the easiest of them all to root and rom. So, if you can tie your shoe you can root this device. If my 12 year old niece can root her Vibrant in her sleep, (its her first and only smartphone and yes she does this in the middle of the night while still in bed, lol), surely you can a wake and paying attention. Rooting is nothing more than connecting your phone via usb and clicking on a button on the computer screen, OR just putting the on the phones memory and using the built in samsung recovery to "reinstall packages", bam phone rooted... Just use Super OneClick Root.... If you use the 1.7mb method as explained in the guide you immediately get ClockworkMOD on your phone and can immediately flash a custom already rooted ROM. Surely putting two files on your phone via usb and flashing them with tools already in place cant be that hard.

1, Download the 1.7mb file posted in the Guide
2. Download a custom ROM
3. Put both files on your phones built in memory via usb (make sure USB Debugging mode is on, Settings>Applications>Development>tick USB Debugging) a.k.a "internal sdcard" NOT external sd (dont even have your external microSD card inserted to avoid any confusion as the internal is also called a sdcard)
4. Hold the vol up & down plus power button until you see the blue recovery
5. Click on reinstall packages TWICE
6. Your now in ClockworkMOD recovery, select the ROM via "install zip from sdcard" option.
7. Select the you downloaded to your phone earlier and click the power button, say yes at prompt and let it install.
8. Your now running a custom ROM with root privileges, wait 10 minutes and reboot so the phone can finish doing its thing properly. Done!

Make sure you read the custom ROM's main post, it has information you need to know, and for someone who dont even own that phone, id stay away from any non-samsung based roms i.e cm7 miui and omfgb. Odin is only needed if you ever want to go back to stock, but if you know how to use a web browser you can also learn to use Odin. OH, and one last thing, please stay away from Samsung KIES, lol...
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