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Root explorer, tweetdeck, quadrant, linpack. Other than that...I usually don't keep too many on it. >>speed freak<< lol.

Sent from a Rootzwiki Galaxy S 4g....custom, of course.

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Loyal Apps I Must Have

Zeam Launcher

Zeam is my favorite launcher. It is very fast includes gesture shortcuts and a scrollable dock. Full Review available here


Chomp SMS

Im a bit of a hoarder when it comes to messages i like to keep as many as possible and Chomp SMS allows you to load up the most recent fast and scroll back also allows pop up for new text messages and a quick reply button right there. Very fast and easy to use also fully customizable.

Full Review:

Cloudskipper Music Player

Still in development music player. This player is visually pleasing and very smooth. Includes built in facebook sharing and can customize the message that it posts on facebook so you can share while you listen. Also developer promises very big updates no details yet but worth watching how to goes.

Full review:

Dolphin Browser HD 5.0

Awesome browser!

Full Review:


Easy way to keep your cache's clean very simple supports caches on system and sd card clearing.

Full Feature list here:

Zynga Poker

Texas Hold Em app that is integrated into Facebook. It allows you to play cash games or sit n go tournaments. Also you can select between 5 players or 9 online players. Also it is very cool that it alerts you when your Facebook friends are playing at the first menu. You may select them from there and either play or watch. It is very smooth and i have had no issues with any crashes or freeze outs.

Full Review :


The fastest song recreation software I have ever used. Recognizes most songs under 5 seconds. Saves what songs you have identified in the past under history. Great for identifying and remembering songs you like that you hear out and about and remind yourself about them later!

Full Review:

Adobe Reader

Essential for viewing .pdf files any type of student will have to use this at one time or another and is a widely used document type so if you do alot of downloading of documents on your phone definitely a must have.

Full Review:®-reader®/com.adobe.reader


Game Boy Color emulator its free and works well. No issues here and is very easy to set up and comfortable to use.

Full Review:


FML App contains alot of amusing stories mostly stories of total fail and is good for a lot of laughs when you are totally bored and have nothing else to do!!

Full Review:


You take a picture of text and then it automatically selects the text sometimes fine tuning is need but it is very simple to do, then it trims and enhances the text. Very useful, the text shows up very well.

Full Review:

Flash Player 10.3 update

Full Review:

Xtreme Dialer (MOD)

Custom Dialer pretty cool check it out here :

That is a link to The Bible on XDA forums made by golmar88 big thanks it is an amazing reference guide and one stop shop for many roms, mods, themes, tweaks just about anything you could want. The dialer is found under mods.

Hope everyone may find something useful in this post. Enjoy

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Dropbox, chrome to phone, FlexT9, Mobo player, Root explorer, Titanium Backup and system app remover.
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