If you like the the way the slide drawer looks in the Google Plus mobile app you can now apply the same aesthetic to your home screen thanks to this UCCW skin from Alex Cronin and Shamrock Studios. One does not have to be a UCCW layout wizard to get this simple skin to work either, and if you are on a Nexus 4 or HTC One this review will take some of the work out of it.

The skin works as advertised and only takes a few minutes to get installed and up and running. It comes with 60 skins/cards and everything essential to the layout is included in theme, which can be purchased on Google Play for $1.98. One of the highlights of the theme is the Google Now weather widget that updates with the weather and day/night. All in all it's a great idea that works well. It provides you plenty of options including music controls and is a great for a simple home screen setup.

A little tweaking of the original instructions may be necessary to get it working on your device depending on screen size. It's also worth noting that this particular skin is designed for phones and you may not be able to get it to work on your tablet without gaps between the cards. As with most UCCW layouts a third party launcher is preferred. In this case Nova was used. The theme's creator Alex Cronin is very helpful if you have any issues and can be contacted at [email protected] or here in our forum).

For Nexus 4 (set up will vary per device)

gplus side drawer screenshot 2
- For best effect use with a custom launcher.
- Disable notification bar and dock.
- Set height and width margins to none!
- Set your grid size to 12*6

For HTC One

- For best effect use with launcher.
- Disable notification bar and dock.
- Set height and width margins to none!
- Set your grid size to 12*8

- Install G-Plus Side Drawer and UCCW.
- Go to "all apps".
- Find G-Plus Side Drawer and click into it, then hit install.
- The app will then be installed. (you have to have unkown sources allowed first, Settings/Security/Tick unkown sources)
- It will tell you that it will replace another app hit OK.
- After you have finished the installing through our app go to your widgets
- Add a UCCW widget and a list of skins will pop up.
- Select the skin of your choice and profit.

1. Add the Card/Widget of your choice.
2. Check Hotspots by clicking areas of card
3. If the hotspots are not to your liking open UCCW
4. Click the menu button and turn "Lock Widgets/Hotspots" to "off"
5. The app will close itself immediately.
7. Click the widget you added in step 1.
8. UCCW will open.
9. Click assign hotspot find the app shortcut and click it.
10. Click the menu button again and hit Lock Widgets/Hotspors to ON.
11. This must be done for some cards as no hotspots are assigned.
G-Plus Side Drawer is available on the Play Store for $1.98​