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I know this will be easy for most of you, but I searched and could not find the answer.

If I am switching between two nandriod backups, do I need to wipe between two backups? I know if I am installing a new rom I need to, but I was unclear if it is needed between restoring a nandriod backup.


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rpz3.14 said:
I always do, but I think most recoveries have a wipe step as part of the restore, so you don't actually need to.
Well, many recoveries do a wipe of certain partitions. For instance, as a precaution, CWR wipes the boot partition for me every time I restore a NANDroid backup without my having to ask it. And in most other cases, it's really unnecessary to wipe. However, there may be rare circumstances where a wipe of /system is needed. But I believe that is usually more common when installing (still pretty rare) rather than restoring. So, yes,
miketoasty said:
Simple Nandroid answer: No.
All the best,

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