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I was playing around with SixAxis and Grand Theft Auto 3 the other day, and because no one has found the key binding for Sprint/Accelerate or Shoot to use with Sixaxis + Playstation 3 controller, they resorted to using the newly implemented feature, "touch emulation" in Sixaxis.

The problem is that if you try to use ANY touch emulation, it causes my SGN to lose all touchscreen usage until you do a battery pull and reboot. Can anyone test this for me? (You dont need GTA3, just try the touch emulation and see if your screen becomes unresponsive).

It seems that it causes it to continually tap the same spot over and over, and makes the rest of the screen unresponsive.

Youtube video (with instructions and download links) of the Sixaxis + GTA3 + touchscreen emulation:

Market Link to sixaxis:

Developer website:

This is a big feature that I would love to have, it would essentially allow me to play MOST touchscreen games with my PS3 controller.

Once I get confirmation this happens to other people, I will email the developer.
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