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Hi, I just recently got a Touchpad... it came with the stock WebOS, so naturally I decided to look into dual-booting it. Saw that there was Ubuntu for the Touchpad and some triple boot instructions, so I went for broke.

I now have CM10.1 running smoothly alongside WebOS, and got Ubuntu successfully installed... more or less.

The problem is, the display is "snowy" in Ubuntu, like an old analog TV set that's got poor reception. I tried switching to LXDE, got it successfully installed, but still the same snow/static issue. Oddly, if I restart or suspend the Touchpad, the display clears up just before it shuts off.

Attached are two shots of what it's doing (one clean, one "snowy"). The distortion/static/snow effect is moving though, just like the snow on an old TV set.

Clean: Product Azure Rectangle Textile Font
Snowy: Azure Grille Mesh Rectangle Art

Any thoughts on what might be causing this, and perhaps more importantly, any ideas how to fix it? I want to have a Linux tablet sooooo badly, but I get enough snow up here in Massachusetts without having it on my tablet too


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