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So How Close Are we to getting another ROM for the strat, hopefully no touchwiz

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Just wondering when a new rom will be out for the strat, hopefully no touchwiz. I like the phone alot just want it to be better then stock, thanks to our developers the tweak stock rom came out and its definatley better. Does anyone know which ROM is better to have on the Strat right now is it the TI_X or the Tweak Stock rom, also with kernel is better to have on between the Tweak Stock Kernel or the RCHP Kernel? Just a couple questions for someone that may know or has used both.
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Thanks for posting a reply I will try both to se which I prefer, I see other people are having the sam etrouble as I am with the phone rebooting whole in use like on a call, I was hoping that issue was being addressed and wasnt sure if the TI rom was having the same trouble or if the kernel was part of the issue witht the shuting down issue. Im very weak when it comes to all this tech stuff but its a learning process for me. Thanks again for all the time and hard work everyone puts into trying to make our phones better then stock. I'm assuming there isnt any CM roms coming out for the Strat so I will keep trying all the great ROMS that you guys put out there as long as I dont brick this thing, thanks to black tie thru best buy I will always have an operating
Can you tell me by chance what the differnces are if any between the two roms, are they pretty much the same or are they diferent enough to notice?
dwitherell I'm rocking the Tweak Stock Rom with the rhcp kernel which out of the 2 ROMS available this is by far my choice for me without taking anything away from the other ROM, wondering if you have been working on any kind of update to your rom? As always thanks to all the hard work all of you guys do to improve the performance to our devices.
Thats awesome I'm sure it will be worth the wait, who needs ICS when we have hard working DEV's like your selves. Thanks again and I look forward to the update.
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