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More last-minute delays plague the first ever Nexus phone to hit Verizon,as noted in the following Phandroid article: "Galaxy Nexus on Verizon Delayed?"
Could they still welch on their commitment to sell the Nexus? Are they holding it up so they can remove the Nexus branding, call it the Droid Prime and cripple it with crapware? Granted, units are already in stock at Verizon stores and other retailers, but they could easily (in terms of probability, not in terms of difficulty, and certainly not cheaply) be recalled. In fact, media reports abound of an email sent out to all retailers and Verizon stores instructing them NOT to sell them until further notice. Some people even came within a hairbreadth of buying one, but the cashier would be notified at the LAST second about the email and inform the customer that they can't buy it. Why send such a despicable email out? What could possibly be the reason for this last-nanosecond delay? Thoughts?

Has anyone seen John Connor?
Good read. While I was on the toilet....
101 - 104 of 104 Posts
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