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Software v 904 found

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Found it using Project Cheesecake: http://www.atrixforu...unlock-ics.html
Hopefully it'll help with the bootloader unlocking process. The zip is titled 902 but the updater calls it 904.

UPDATE: Looks like I grabbed it just in time. I can't seem to pick it up with Cheesecake anymore.
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Here's a mirror: http://www.mediafire...7rf1nj2srm686x7

Anyone try this yet? Some questions if you try it:

1) Do you keep root. If so, which root method did you use? If not, will any existing root methods re-root?
2) Can you use an existing FXZ to return to 902?
3) Is it boss?
yes i am running right now still have forever root an super user is still in tack running through things to see if any real changes will post pics and updates yet today
Installed 904 from clean 902 install, kept root, everything seems running fine. Google plus and Google Music are now pre-installed. This is fine for me as I use them both.
I kept root but I was already rooted via forever root. Also data seems a bit better and the whole UI seems quicker and more responsive. I've been more than pleased with this update :)
Ok, took a dive and installed this plus add on CM9 Nightly 4.18 build. So far, rock solid. Prior to this, no matter if I use Gummy, AOKP, or CM9, whatever build...always an issue with data drop, either wifi or 4G in the middle of using. SO far been using for 24 hours and rock solid.

For those who are curious. I came from Safe Strap and did this..

1) Went into Safe Strap Recovery and disable, that forced me back to pre ICS
2) Take battery out, hold down volume keey up and down, put battery in and power on, go into standard recovery
3) Flash the new .904
4) reboot, go into gingerbread and activate/reinstall safestrap
5) reboot into safestrap recovery, enable safe strap
6) wipe data/cache/delivk/system
7) install CM9 Nightly 4-18 build and gapp
8) restore all my apps from Titanium Backup

back to normal in less than one hour. Did all of that while watching an episode of NCIS. ahahah
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61 - 64 of 64 Posts
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