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Right i'm panicking now as i only just learnt to flash rom the other day, and so i'm a bit of a noob at this. I was using RCMix3d Runny v1.3 [Official runnymede sense 3.5 Android 2.3.5. After a few minor instabilities i decided to reflash the rom. I started out fine, wiped and reflashed no problem. I then realised that i had forgotten to un-tick the option for google to back up my phone and install it all after reset, and everything was starting to install again. This is exactly what i did not want to happen as i was trying to possibly root out the app that was causing the instabilities in the first place. In my haste i opened the menu and hit the Factory Reset button. It reset, then up came a load screen i have never seen before, it's just the word "Android" all in small case. Anyway, that's what i'm stuck with. Can't get into recovery and don't know what to do next. Please somebody try and help me with this as i can, in know way, afford another phone.


I was able to get into recovery by removing the battery(as the power button would not work). Replacing the battery and then while powered down, attempted the normal, volume down/power button method of getting into HBOOT. This worked at the first attempt.

All credit goes to the folks from this post

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