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Try downloading another rom and placing it on ur sdcard. (just mount ur sdcard in cwm and transfer it from ur pc.) WIPE & WIPE and try installing that rom. if you successfully boot, make another backup and try restoring. Hope this helps.

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I was able to solve the problem. I followed these steps and used the RUU from when I initially rooted my phone.

A. Remove battery from phone
B. Remove SD Card
C. Insert SD Card into USB micro SD Card Reader
D. Plug micro SD Card Reader into USB port on computer
E. When prompted, select option to view folder contents
F. Rename Rom PG05IMG (Keep .zip extension -
G. Copy onto root of SD Card
H. Eject micro SD Card Reader from computer
I. Install SD Card in phone and then install battery
J. Press and hold Volume Down & Power buttons until phone boots into recovery
K. should be automatically recognized by recovery
L. When prompted, press (Not Hold) Volume Up button to start update
M. Wait for flash to complete (Be patient, get an ice cold Root Beer!)
N. When prompted, press (Not Hold) Power button to initiate reboot
O. Wait for phone to boot (Be patient, get another ice cold Root Beer!)
P. If all goes well your phone will live to fight another day!
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