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[Solved] Noob needs a pro to help me please!

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I thought i would also include the current state of my phone so you will be able to advise me properly:

Hardware version: i510.06
Model number: sch-i510
Firmware version: 2.2.1
Baseband version:
I510.06 V.ep1
Kernel version:
[email protected] #1
lagfix enabled and verified with voodoo controls

i can't afford to make a mistake that is uncorrectable. I followed the instructions to get gummycharger gbe with root and lagfix as well as cwm recovery. The instructions stated to install 1.91 full odin with odin in windows. That went smoothly. Then i immediately flashed the epq1 radio update in odin. I verified lagfix with voodoo controls from market, and it was on. Problem is when i tried to flash to gummycharger gbe in cwm recovery i am not able to select the file because it appears to be in a extracted file format instead of zip. I then tried to connect card to computer through phone using mass storage mode, but computer will not connect to phone. I can see files on sd card from astro file manager. Is there a way to compress these files to zip format with phone to allow me to select them and install them from cwm recovery? i was advised to flash the 1.91 full odin and start over but i can't see this solving my sd card file issue. I am a noob and could be and probably am wrong but i must be sure i am doing this right. I have attempted to restore to full factory odin ed1 or 2 i can't remember i am not home at my computer at the moment to say for sure. But it failed immediately and didn't even try to take. My phone seems to function ok right now on gummycharger 1.91 except no sd card access through computer(which prevents me from reinstalling the gummy charger gbe zip on sd card to flash from cwm recovery). I had a droid x previously and when i installed liberty Rom using cwm recovery had a similar issue with the file not being .Zip format, and was able to correct this by renaming file in astro with a .Zip at the end of the name. Will this allow me to select the gummycharger gbe file from cwm recovery? would it work? and what would you pros recommend i do. This phone is my only means to internet so i am fearful that i won't be able to get help if something goes wrong. I need a good fallback emergency plan in the case something doesn't take, or my phone bricks to get her back up and running. My original plan came from imnuts in the xda development forum instructions on how to save your phone. I downloaded ed1 full recovery odin just encased i had a problem. Well i have since tried to use this in odin and it failed immediately and that has crushed my confidence that i will be able to odin if something goes wrong. I need a foolproof back up plan if my phone fails to load something or fails to boot. I will be forever indebted to anyone that can help me to safely negotiate my way through this problem. Thanks in advanced for all help you can offer me. I am totally at you mercy. Also note to moderator if i posted this in the wrong place please advise me, i really had no idea where to place this thread and wanted to get help from some people really knowledgeable on the subject not just shot in the dark ideas.
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makes sure you are using the PDA option in Odin, not phone....
tuleman said:
I may have stumbled onto my solution but would like confirmation as to what i should do. I thought why not just use phone to download the files, and guess what it worked. i have downloaded the sd card fix as well as the gummy charged gbe zip to my sdcard, i have verified that they are indeed in zip format, but now the question: if it was write protected would i have been able to do this? what would happen if i ran the sd card fix and that wasn't the problem? and or should i just continue and try to flash the gummy zip? Please make sure you are confident in your response.
Dude, please relax a bit. Reading a lot and taking your time are your biggest allies. Telling people to be confident will run them off - if this was the other community you would get blasted up and down.

As I see it, now that you have the correct .zip you should be good to go into clockwork and flash away. I always recommend a full wipe. Also, as I stated in one of your other threads, if you odin again make sure you are using the PDA option, and it is a good idea to put the battery back into the phone once it is connected to the PC

Good luck
Flashing is actually very easy, and in the 2+ years (and many phone types) since I have been using Android it is very hard to screw up to the point of brick. Samsung to me makes some of the most brick-resistant phones I have dealt with. Just hang in there, you will get it
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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