Kevin Beegan is back with another great icon pack called Sonix. I have even read some comments that this is his best yet and I would agree but I'm also a big fan of his Focus and Define packs. Kevin always puts out high-quality icons but his last three attempts have been so good that they have me asking "what's next?" It is for this very reason that I will be following anything Kevin is working on and you should also. You can keep up with Kevin on Google+ and Twitter.

The icons in Sonix have a stitched/embroidered look to them and it is beautiful. I'm not sure what the thread count would be on them had they actually been made a work of fabric, but I assure you they are very high-res. You will also find that the colors are very rich and vibrant and the border is designed to highlight each icon and help it to really pop against your chosen background. Speaking of backgrounds, Kevin also enlisted Neff Starr of the OYM Wallpaper Manager to provide a few of the included wallpapers, all of which will work very well as background images for the icons.

It seems Kevin has demonstrated his design skills very well with Sonix and has cemented his place as one of the top icon designers in the theme community. Kevin's skills continue to improve more with each set so I will continue to follow him and will take great interest in seeing what the future holds for him and what other great designs he has in store for us theme addicts. So I encourage you to go to the Play Store and check out Sonix as well as all the rest of Kevin's great icon packs today.

Sonix is available for $1.50 in the Play Store

Sonix is available for $1.50 in the Play Store​