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When the galaxy tab was released, I was baffled by the lack of a few features. I have been patiently waiting for something closer to a "super tablet" to come along before I purchase one. Maybe you can help me to understand why, in my opinion, the galaxy tab fell short.

1) Screen. One of the biggest pluses to the whole sgs line is the Super AMOLED screen. Why was this left out of the tablet? It is by far the most gorgeous and effective hand held display available, plus it's a Samsung exclusive.

2) Micro SD. Here I'm biased, owning a 3g Vibrant. I really love having both internal and external options. The lack of an external SD card is one of the few reasons I have not jumped to a Nexus S. You have begun to address this issue with the 10.1 by offering 16/32/64G configurations, but again, in my opinion, having an external SD would offer more flexibility for both storage and file transfer.

3) Charging. Why use a proprietary connector? Currently, I need only one charger for my camera, Bluetooth stereo headset and phone (micro USB). I have multiple chargers scattered throughout the house that I can plug any device into. Adding another charger is cumbersome (not to mention that I only have one A/C outlet in my car).

4) Carriers. Why tie the tablet to a carrier? I'd rather have a wifi only option, or the ability to purchase data service from a carrier without being tied into a multi-year contract with a cellular company that is only interested in extracting as much money from me as possible.

5) USB. Although this is not a deal breaker, an option for USB peripherals (keyboard, mouse, game pad) add another level of functionality.

Thank you,
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