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From XDA:
Assessment of Sprint's Network Vision Initiative
By Berge Ayvazian, Senior Consultant, Heavy Reading, and Director, 4G Consulting Practice

Link to PDF document
My thoughts:

I like page 6... ;D

Network Vision program will allow Sprint and/or
Clearwire to more cost-effectively introduce other 4G services (LTE or LTE Advanced) using the
extensive portfolio of 2.5 GHz and 800MHz spectrum.
I thought Clearwire was going to invest in WiMax 2, not LTE...

BTW, iDen needs to die already... it's just one fat drain on sprints profits and NO ONE USES IT...

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LTE-A > WiMAX 2, as far as mobiles are concerned. LTE is designed to be cellular, so can handle moving users. WiMAX is like an oversize WiFi network, and is better for non-moving, backbone, point-to-point, or last-mile usage.
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