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you can find all download links on my facebook site:

+ NOT LAGGING STOCK BROWSER - just stating obious fact =)
+ Final FIX for Phone FORCE CLOSE
+ % battery xml status/loading + rom-g's battery mod
+ CRT 'screen off animation'
+ Extended power menu /reboot,recovery,download mode/
+ GSM/Wifi/Data Connection icons turns green/colored when connected: +
+ Fully enabled SIP Wifi/3g
+ AOSP lockscreen / Glass-Stock Lockscreen
+ Enabled stay awake for ac and usb in settings/applications/development
+ "Use incoming call volume for notifications" tweak
+ Enabled dock options
+ Status bar transparent
+ Notification area transparent and tweaked: removed carrier text, size tweaks, clear button moved
(you can make statusbat, notification dropdown maitaining other modifications with file attached in customization section)
+ Phone hack: autorotating dialer and call screen / non increasing ringtone
+ Mms hacks: no conversion to mms after 3 smses / 100 recivers / send time
+ Camera hacks: 'Low Battery' Hack + 'Shutter' Hack + Audio Hack (Audio out-of-sync in recorded vids? READ ME)
+ Touchwiz3 tweks: 5 icon dock, transparent appdrawer, transparent shortcut area in appdrawer, no app icon background, 4x4 stock appdrawer and workspace

on top of that there are a lot of customization aviable here LINK
and a lot of base_customization_packages aviable here LINK


Android Beginner
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latest addons are:

- volume sound fix - changes the annoying tone of volume_change on keypress to CUSTOMIZABLE mp3 file
(those files are located in /system/media/audio/ui/ files Volume-1.mp3 to Volume-7.mp3)

- browser fix - fullscreen as seen on screenshots + background fix for transparent background + max tab number extended from 4 to 8

other earlier ones are:

- camera fix - much worse recorded sound quality but audio is synced -> READ MORE HERE
(original is out of sync but better quality - and it could be fixed with few clicks of free software)

- increasing ringtone - restoring increasing ring to Phone - while Phone FC fix and landscape mode still aviable

- landscape TouchWizz3 - adding Landscape mode to TW3 (laggy) with all other tweaks still aviable from BASE

- callog - deletes the SMS/MMS from Callog (but also from the history in Contacts)

- transparent - makes notification bar and notification area 'glass' transparent
(it will revert to BASE all CUSTOMIZATIONS made by You to framework-res.apk and SystemUI.apk)

- classic - making the brighteness change 'animated' - is for the 'classic look' package (BASE)
(YOU NEED TO RENAME FILE TO framework-res.apk)
- glass - making the brighteness change 'animated' - is for the 'glass look' package

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LINK >>> new version of TouchwizzLauncher3 for stock+

- 5 icons in dock
- transparent appdrawer
- transparent shortcut area in appdrawer
- no app icon background
- new animation when entering appdrawer (simmilar to aosp) NEW!
- 2 rows app description in workspace (like in app drawer) NEW!
- no app description background in workspace (like in app drawer) NEW!

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