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Xoom Stock Images

MZ600 - XOOM with Wi-Fi + Verizon 3G
Build HRI39 for US Retail 64f26579c2ed751e0a433ceaafbfe4c1
Build HRI66 for US Retail 18d6f775b210a0741e6187ff535d47a3
MZ601 - XOOM with Wi-Fi + UMTS
Build H.6.1-38-1 for Retail Europe 20b6338449a02cf271356c47d642e0db
Build H.6.1-38-1 for Retail France 8f7866de8a82b70dabc2f791d25c0db9
Build H.6.1-38-9 for Retail Other International 0e30f60feac30c752a0bf41d35f2f4d3
Build H.6.1-38-11 for Retail Turkey 92f8017a15c0659c0b776d097550ea2c
Build H.6.1-38-5 for T-Mobile Germany 4508922e76c77c2e5636079c92298019
Build H.6.1-38-9 for Telstra Australia a8209d39670ba058fa1ae6a4398b30b6
Build H.6.1-37-1 for Korea SKT 12913b289ada89481f1770418a28b3eb
MZ604 - XOOM with Wi-Fi
Build H.6.2-20 for KDDI Japan 3745ffae6c739d6bbfbc0b96ef5545ab
Build H.6.2-24 for Retail France b3199687d473ad62785c13a6f422f420
Build H.6.2-24 for Retail Europe cae470d91a6f6e1473f981bc06f452fd
Build H.6.2-24 for Retail Other International f0b99865cc9dfa48dce95f81e8219919
Build H.6.2-21 for Canada 6f794b07a52ac47e298ad0d85ba23b55
Build H.6.2-21 for Brazil a9698406e333f744cb3938b8aa4ecd5e
Build H.6.2-21 for Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America 8f57ec3683ceadbb099d116e54d5b4bd
Build HWI69 for US Retail 3f52762e56474070fa71bdf34ba9afd1
MZ605 - XOOM with Wi-Fi + UMTS
Build H.6.1-38.4 for Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America 8fb20e5f10afff7693376393ddf0ae97
Build H.6.1-38.4 for Brazil 2f7f3c8b908074cb0828576068415911
MZ606 - XOOM with Wi-Fi
Build H.6.2-9_CN-18 for China Retail b131041980b2fbc0246a18bc560e36b5

MZ604 - XOOM with Wi-Fi
HMJ37 USA WiFi 3.1
HTJ85B USA WiFi 3.2

fastboot flash system system.img
fastboot flash boot boot.img
fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
fastboot flash userdata userdata.img
fastboot erase cache
fastboot erase userdata (if no img in zip)
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