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Buckmarble and I have both run the V6 Supercharger script after flashing the latest version of Maverick and have seen great results. The battery life on the ROM is already great and this takes it even further. This thread is for any questions as well as if you guys can post some results that would be great so we can see how the ROM is doing with this script. Maybe someday we can incorporate some settings from it into the ROM itself and bring this thing to the next level
  • First make sure you download Script Manager this will run this script and allow things to be set on boot.
  • Here are the install instructions straight from the author - Website
  • Here are the latest scripts for download - Website
Please make sure to follow instructions closely and read the results. Personally I am using the most aggressive option under the 512HP section.

After you have installed and setup the scripts to you liking make sure you fully charge and wipe battery stats, either through recovery or using an app like Battery Calibration.

Post your results here with the following information:
  • The full name of the script you downloaded
  • The options you chose when installing the script
  • Kernal Version
  • Baseband Version
  • And then of course your findings on how your phone runs with your setup.
  • If you want screenshots of your battery usage would be much appreciated.
Your help in this research and tweaking is greatly appreciated! This community is awesome and I love developing for you guys! Thanks again!

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Well Ped, can vouch for these scripts I used to use them on my DROID X2. Zeps scripts of course are well know. When I Whatever my X2 I used the Init.d hack and navendrobs scripts I found to have the best balance between speed and battery life. Overminds speedy scripts were fast but tended to fry my battery. Never used Zeps scripts cause navendrobs where simpler to use with the init.d hack. If I remember correctly init.d used the /system/etc folder and put init.d folder in there with scripts and would run on boot on its own without script manager and multiple settings which made it simpler. Then navendrobs built it right into his ATRIX rom port which wad it even easier. The init.d hack if it would work on DROID 3 would be much simpler especially for less experienced people. Im curious if init.d hack from X2 would work on DROID 3 though being that X2 is tegra2 and we are map which I believe to be better performance wise. No you cought my curiosity going. I the dx2 guys when I got the d3 if this concept would work in the forums and got no answer. They are actually on xda if I remember correctly. Have not been over in X2 section for months. I may try for shits and giggles.

EDIT: Tried flashing DX2 init.d hack both versions no go. I dont know if there is a way to modify them to work on D3. Like i said this method make appling scripts idiot proof. I have read that they even use this to apply zeps scripts. You should check it out. Id be willing to be guinea pig to test. I don not have the knowledge to mae it work.
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