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There are some other programs you can use to sync your music in Linux, but I prefer Banshee because it isn't too terribly feature oriented and is just a core piece of most operating system. If you want something more feature oriented, you could try out Miro 4

First thing you may want to do (that is optional) is switch to the nightly build of Banshee to get the latest build for your system. To do this open terminal and type the following commands:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:banshee-team/banshee-daily<br />
sudo apt-get update<br />
apt-get upgrade
And of course if Banshee isn't installed, you can install it at this time with:

sudo apt-get install banshee
Now we'll want to make sure the phone is plugged in and set to USB Mass Storage device and open the SD card with nautilus and create a new empty file (right click -> create document -> empty file) called ".is_audio_player" without the quotes. Next we'll want to put the following information into it:

audio_folders=Music/, Video/<br />
<br />
folder_depth=2<br />
<br />
And under output formats you can add more MIME Types to suit your needs of what Banshee can import to your player. I don't have a comprehensive list though of output formats though and added MKVs because they're playable by VLC.

Now that you've added the file to your phone though, start up banshee and you should now be able to import your music, video folders, and playlist to and from your SD card to the ~/Music and ~/Video folders.

As far as importing playlists into Banshee for the first time, you may need to open them with gedit and do a find -> replace all to convert all backslashes (\) to forward slashes (/). After that try File -> Import Playlist and see if all your songs are located.
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