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The benefits of this are primarily if you want to be able to see the Google Calendar events on your phone and in Thunderbird both and be able to modify them from either client and have the changes appear in the other.

Things you'll need:
  • Thunderbird from sudo apt-get install
  • xul-ext-lightning from sudo apt-get install
  • A Google account (you probably have this)
  • The Thunderbird extension: Provider for Google Calendar (Tools -> Add-ons -> Get Add-ons)

To setup the extension we need to first make sure that all the requirements are installed. Once the Provider for Google Calendar is installed though, we need to restart Thunderbird. Now we need to go to the Google Calendar website and copy a XML for Thunderbird. You can import multiple calendars but in the bottom left corner you'll see your calendars listed and want to select Calendar Settings from the following spot:

View attachment 124

Next you want to find the XML box from the public (for something you are sharing, eg. US Holidays, Birthdays) or private (for something you'll make changes on, such as the one with your email address) and copy the address that pops up:

View attachment 125

Return to Thunderbird and go to Events and Tasks -> Calendar. Now left click in the left window pane below the word "Calendar" and select New Calendar -> On the Network. Select Google Calendar and paste the XML into Location.

View attachment 126

You can repeat this process with the XMLs for as many Calendars that you want to import. It took a little while for me to test it though and make sure that they imported properly from Thunderbird -> Phone (maybe 5-10 minutes for the changes to appear).


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