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T-mo has a huge event and no chatter?

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What you guys think of the new plans? I'm probably going yo be switching from Verizon to T-mo when my contract is up in Dec.

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I'm pretty impressed with the new plans, though they are pretty close to what their "Value" (non-subsidized) plans used to be. It's pretty damn hard to argue with $70/mo for truly unlimited data. I am a bit disappointed that the data is per line rather than a grouped bundle though. For my wife and I, we currently spend ~$100 (me on the $30/mo prepaid plan, her on a $70/mo Classic 2GB plan). I got really excited when I initially thought we could do the $70 unlimited + $30 for the second line, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Still, $120 for two lines with unlimited data isn't too bad either.

There. I chattered. Happy now?
Does anyone know how it works if you go over your data allowance?

I use WiFi 90% of the time and can probably get away with the 500mb, but what happens if I go over do I just pay the extra $20 for that month and have 2gigs allowance?

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Any further data will be throttled to 2G speeds. You won't automatically be billed for the next level or anything, but since there aren't any contracts you should be able to add and remove features as needed.
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