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Tablet ICS ROM

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WARNING: This rom deletes clockworkmod recovery

My first... ROM... EVER...

It's Ice Cream Sandwich... but after recoding several postulate axiom thingamabob doodads, I got the tablet interface to run on phones!

But seriously though, I now present to you, a completely AOSP 4.0.3 ROM, with the tablet interface instead of the phone one!

To my knowledge, everything works but phone calls, but I didn't test too thoroughly. Tablet notification bar works as well as the navigation buttons! Try it out and tell me what you think!

Beta 1 of ROM:

GAPPS 12/27/11 (Thanks to Kejar31):

Phone calls may or may not work, I'll look into it tomorrow!

Screen Shots:

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I would use this as a daily driver, if calls and the market worked. Also, the recovery being erased sucks. I would love to see an AOKP based tablet rom for our phone.
Yup, the AOKP version I posted is a completely separate build from the one in the OP. The AOKP one doesn't delete recovery, don't worry :)
This could make for a nice custom rom once all the bugs are fixed. Keep it up man!,
Just throwing this out there. That aokp tab build is super clutch. Found a new dd.

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Use the stock launcher from the tab build and the keyboard. Landscape keyboard is too tall. Amazing Rom!
My launcher crashes but adw ex is working great I'm loving it :)

Stock and tweaked is like a poor mans meth.. Rooted and tweaked is like a rich mans cocaine.. keep it real on the Galaxy Nexus :)
I tested out bother Nova and Apex and both worked well. The grid spacing on the homescreen was a little odd at first but I quickly got used to it. My only gripe was that the stock keyboard in portrait mode was too tall and the keys were stretched out. I think someone needs to pick this up, keep it based on AOKP and make a full blown tablet rom that is 100% functional.
Alright, so the problems are with the stock launcher crashing, certain apps not switching to tablet mode, and the keyboard.
I can fix the keyboard with an alternative ics keyboard apk, and the stock launcher from the tablet builds work.
I want to try something... I'm gonna see if actually using a tablet rom and forcing it onto the phone, rather than forcing the phone rom to be a tablet rom, would fix the problem with some apps still being in phone mode. The build.prop edits didn't seem to work alone unfortunately.
Doing this may stop phone from working entirely. You are better off using the Toro build of AOKP as your base and piecing things together using a tablet build. I am not a code savvy guy, but I am a graphic designer. If you guys need any help graphically then I am more than willing to help, just shoot me a PM.
AOKP Toro Tablet Edition Build 26: http://www.mediafire...4ftht8xcx9lcmfr

The standard DPI is 160 on this build, but using lcd density pro from the market works to raise it higher (I prefer 192, but whatever you want).
I was having issues with the market, so you may have to use the lcd density pro modded market. I'm not sure if I broke something but if you have issues use the app.
Again, this zip contains all the gapps and stuff, so don't flash any other packages after this one.
Is it possible that the market issue is tied the device ID? What if it were changed?
Why not just force tablet mode on either AOKP or CM9. Both work fine. Not sure how an actual tablet Rom differs...

The one thing I would like to see is the phone working at 160 density. Otherwise just run at 185 or 190 and use the modded market that lcd density pro offers.
I don't want to buy an app just to use my phone in tablet mode. Keep up the good work guys!
Well, as of now no one has gotten the phone to work at a 160 density so anything they put out will require a modded market anyway.

The app is well worth $3 to me to run this phone in tablet mode and not have any market issues.
I know what you are saying, but I'd rather not. I know the developers can come up with a solution.
Wait... so what exactly is the point of running the phone at 160 vs 190? Is there some benefit to 160 that I don't know about?
190 works with the phone.apk from dinc.
Here it is, axiom v6 tablet rom. I know, i hate hotfile too, but the file is too big for other sites lol.
This has a modded play store, working phone, and a few other edits that I honestly don't remember... but I must say, this is pretty freaking sweet :)
Enjoy your 4.65 inch tablets
I'm thinking, maybe I could make a very simple zip that can be applied over any ics rom to 'turn on' tablet mode. It's really very simple, and the edits aren't rom specific from what I can see.
Do this!
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