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Tablet ICS ROM

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WARNING: This rom deletes clockworkmod recovery

My first... ROM... EVER...

It's Ice Cream Sandwich... but after recoding several postulate axiom thingamabob doodads, I got the tablet interface to run on phones!

But seriously though, I now present to you, a completely AOSP 4.0.3 ROM, with the tablet interface instead of the phone one!

To my knowledge, everything works but phone calls, but I didn't test too thoroughly. Tablet notification bar works as well as the navigation buttons! Try it out and tell me what you think!

Beta 1 of ROM:

GAPPS 12/27/11 (Thanks to Kejar31):

Phone calls may or may not work, I'll look into it tomorrow!

Screen Shots:

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Post some screenshots?
Tomorrow, I swear! Unless someone else would like to!
This deletes clockworkmod recovery.

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Yeah I forgot about that, good news is that it's rooted so you can just flash it again in ROM manager
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Actually, if you specify a DPI at all in the build.prop, SystemUI will FC constantly, so I just flat out removed that line. It's now set to whatever a tablet defaults at. It was the only way I could get SystemUI to work, and for the navigation buttons to show up.
If only someone would try to port this over to the GSM version
I'll get right on that, I just haven't had any time lately for anything.
Sorry to bring up an older thread, but OP, can you detail the changes you made to get this to work?

Will this ROM's SystemUI.apk FC if you change the LCD Density back to 320?

I basically ask because I think it would be awesome if there was a way to switch phone/tablet UIs on the fly. Combine this tablet interface with an MHL adapter and you have a sweet mobile desktop.

I'd be willing to learn how to compile an AOSP ROM to do this, lol.
I'm sorry I can't be of more help, but the ROM wasn't just a build.prop edit, I had to remove the LCD density completely and edit a file in the system UI directory. I can't really remember where it was or the exact line, but it was really quite simple and with a little looking around I'm sure you could find it. Right now my AOSP directory is all funky, I don't know why...
I'm very impressed with all of the progress that you guys have made haha!
Alright, so the problems are with the stock launcher crashing, certain apps not switching to tablet mode, and the keyboard.
I can fix the keyboard with an alternative ics keyboard apk, and the stock launcher from the tablet builds work.
I want to try something... I'm gonna see if actually using a tablet rom and forcing it onto the phone, rather than forcing the phone rom to be a tablet rom, would fix the problem with some apps still being in phone mode. The build.prop edits didn't seem to work alone unfortunately.
Uhhh, I'd be careful doing that if I were you...
Two days, and I'm no closer to figuring out the Chrome/Google Docs issue...
I'm 99% sure that some apps switch to tablet mode when they see the line '' in the build.prop, but adding that line gets you stuck on the boot logo for a reason I can't figure out lol.
I thought it was a problem with the services.jar, but I'm having second thoughts about that. But have no more ideas... so... uh... bump :)
Try leaving it at tablet, and completely removing the LCD density line.
Alright, adding and removing all mentions of lcd density didn't fix the Chrome tablet UI problem, but it did fix every scaling issue that I could find. No more weird layout issues in any apps now, and no more text overlapping on some elements like the notification clock and launcher icons, and scrolling got a lot smoother I think.
So, right fix, but wrong problem lol. Still, that's an awesome fix. I smell a new AOKP 26 Tablet build coming today or tomorrow, if no one else does it :)
Haha, I had that in the original ROM because of the problems that the density line was causing.
Patrick, pleasssse, its awesome.
Haha, well, I guess... Right now I'm working on my first kernel, but as soon as I figure out how to package that up, I'll come back to this.
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