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Touchscreen not working right as of yet... I strongly suggest a USB mouse and Keyboard for this... Touchscreen is pretty much unusable at this time. I would appreciate any help that can be offered.

First start off downloading THIS. It is the ROOTFS.. first off it needs to have the /etc/fstab edited properly to include / as mmcblk0p11 instead of 13... I know I know... This is a work in progress....

Next download THIS... Contains the ubuntu kernel and boot information.. the boot.img and system.img are for your stock ANDROID rom of choice.. just extract the IMG's out of the roms and place them in the folder..

Download THIS and place it in the directory you extracted the above files to.

ADB does work.. and you can ADB into your tab.. I have not created Windows directions yet.. but you can pretty much run the same commands...

I AM NOT TO BLAME FOR ANYTHING! This REPARTITIONS your device and ERASES EVERYTHING... you must do a FULL ODIN to restore to STOCK.... I am NOT responsible for anything that happens to your device.

remember to chmod +x nvflash and the script...

And wait......... It takes about 20 minutes to flash everything... be patient..

When it is done flashing boot up like you were going to go into CWM recovery... Your recovery is now your linux boot image.. You can use NVFlash to flash back CWM to apply whatever and just flash the linux.img back to partition 8 to get ubuntu back..

Thanks again to LilStevie.. without him this would not be possible...

my github code is availabe here.

If you would like to donate for my work and to the OMFGB/OMGB build box which I own and run click HERE

I'll pretty this up when I have a free minute...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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