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Team GTP Eaton Rom v1 (based off mr1)

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Team GTP presents Eaton Rom for the HTC Thunderbolt

We have worked very hard at making this build as stable as possible. Phone runs smooth and is meant to be used as a "daily driver." We pride ourselves on making very stable roms that you can flash and not have to worry about. So far testing has produced no issues but please report any you may find. We will be making our own custom kernel edits in the future to improve battery life and also will be working to optimize the framework to help with phone performance as well. For best results it is recommended you wipe data for best results.

Download (flash through rom manager):

Use the radio that came with the MR1 update for best results. Radio can be found in this thread on xda (thanks adrynalyne).


  • Based off the Mr1 RUU from Verizon
    Removed Default HTC music application and replaced with songbird (saves resources)
    Replaced stock browser with Dolphin HD (thanks dolphin team)
    Added SMS Backup (Thanks Ritesh Sahu)
    Added Chrome to phone (Thanks Google)
    Uses Imoseyon 2.6.0 Kernel (our modifications to come later)
    Custom Animations (thanks mendozinas)
    Custom Battery Indicator (thanks mendozinas)
    Framework edits based off of bgill55's gps icon "removal" framework.

If you have any questions at all please feel free to ask on our forums at, we will be more then happy to help fix any issues

[*]If you download our rom and find something we did not credit you for please feel free to send us an email at [email protected] and we will immediately correct it for you. Also, we request that you do not mirror any of our roms without express permission from either myself or yoda2.[*]
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Will this rom get an update? I just love how smooth this rom is...
"andersonrt said:
Holy hell lol this rom is up to version 1.7 using 2.2.1 mr2. Its in this forum.
I recomend going to the 1.7 build as it is based off the latest ota from Verizon and is just as smooth as eaton without the random reboots.
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