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We at team Gummy want to make Gummy Charged a themer friendly rom. We want to make a wide variety of themes available through the gummy tool box. to this end we will be "sanctioning" themers. however we only want the highest quality themes sanctioned and released through the gummy tool box. we will have a list of requirements that must be met for each theme.

Team Gummy theme requirements:

1.Minium apk's: These are the minimum, you can of course theme more apk's
a. Framework-res
b. Twframework-res (Froyo)
c. Systemui (Gingerbread)
d. Dialer
e. Phone
f. Settings
g. Browser
2. All apk's must be able to be decompiled and recompiled without errors. The exception to this, if the unaltered apk cant decompiled and recompiled with out errors.
3. All themes must be submitted to Team Gummy 24 Hours before release on any forum.

Sanctioned themers will have access to a Gummy Themers Drop box account.
Sanctioned themers will have early access to all updates and ROM releases.
Sanctioned themers will have their themes distributed through the Gummy Tool Box.

All interested themers post in this thread and i will contact you via pm.

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