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Well, hallo there!

It's been a while since I've posted a release thread anywhere... I've been lurking in the shadows (and on IRC) for quite some time.

Here, I present to you a teaser of things to come:

ClockworkMod Recovery (non-touch) for the AT&T Optimus G.

What is this?
This is a "recovery" for your phone, it allows you to install custom ROMs, back up your phone, fix it when it breaks, and much more.

This specific version is "ClockworkMod", which was created by the CyanogenMod team and Koush.
There are many recovery versions out there, I have picked ClockworkMod because it is very easy to compile and debug.
I will compile other recoveries as time permits.
Where can I get it?
UPDATE: I have changed my mind, and I *will* post links shortly. However, you've been warned.

Right now, I am not posting download links until a few bugs have been sorted out.
To top this off, the bootloader on the Optimus G is still LOCKED. In order to boot this, you must erase your phone's recovery partition, and use "adb reboot recovery" to trick the phone into booting to the empty partition. The phone panics and exposes itself as a fastboot device, allowing us to use "fastboot boot <path to recovery.img>" to boot this image.

This is *not* safe, and should *not* be done by anyone unsure of what they are doing.
I will post links once I have ironed out bugs, but I WILL NOT SUPPORT anyone using it to modify their phone.

Please don't use this if you don't know how to LGNPST your phone back from the dead, should you accidentally kill it.
(Also, I will find somewhere to mirror LGNPST and the related files, as I can't host them from my server due to legal reasons. I will, however, mirror the .TOT file in case LG decides to take it down.)
The goods!

Here's a (semi-arty) pic of it running on my Optimus G:

And, here's a video for extra proof:

Luckily the video quality isn't potato, but the audio sure is. My explanation is that my HTC Vivid doesn't like me. An engineer's explanation would be that I was speaking softly, as it was 1:30AM at the time of recording, and the phone merely decided that my meek volume was purely background noise... at least, I think that's what an engineer would say, as I haven't graduated yet.
Here's my favorite section of any post: the "special thanks to" section.
Without the help of these awesome people, I would have nothing of interest to say, and would just be a random guy with a phone.
Seriously, these guys are awesome.

Here's the list (in no special order, and by IRC name):
  • Shelnutt2
  • sextape
  • xboxfanj
  • jonasl
  • kmdm
  • synergy
  • DeamonFish
  • chachin
  • ..and Zanzibar (because why not?!)
If I've forgotten anyone, please let me know-- I want to make sure everyone who had a hand in this gets a shout-out.

Please, support these awesome people if you get a chance, or drop by the IRC channel and say hi!
How can I contact you?
Need to get a hold of me, or anybody else? Come on IRC -- just go to and use #lg-optimus-g as the channel name. Pick a nice nickname and say Hi

I'm IOMonster on IRC, and if I'm around, just say my name and I'll probably say hi back.
Alright everyone, hope you enjoy !

Also, this is reposted from XDA, as the moderators on XDA seem to follow me around locking my threads without contacting me first.

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Woot, so I patched CWM with a little homegrown patch to enable you to mount the external SD card.
This is necessary since CWM disables USB mounting by default on devices with an internal storage card that is shared with the /data partition.

Here's the status update:

What works:
  • Backups to Internal and External SD card
  • Restore from Internal or External SD card
  • ADB Shell Access
  • Battery charging (it's part of the kernel, I merely verified it's working)
  • Volume Keys / Power Key
  • Zip install from internal/external SD
  • USB Mounting
  • (in theory) Wipe Data ***see note***
What doesn't works:
  • Softkeys
  • Party mode
***Note: I have NOT tested "Wipe Data" or "Format /data". I do not suggest you try either for the moment.
This is because the internal SD card resides in /data/media. Erasing /data has a chance of erasing your internal SD. There are checks in CWM for this, but until I investigate, let's just be safe. If you need to erase your phone, let the stock recovery do that.

I am still working on some instructions for a safe way to get into CWM without the potential of getting stuck in some unknown mode. I will write up the instructions tomorrow and post links to the recovery.

Thanks everyone for your kind words on IRC as well, I appreciate all your moral support!
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